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Icelandic Sheep for Sale 2019


Yearling Ewe

Black yearling, lovingly named Juicebox as her dam is Grape. Purebred but not registered. Calm temperament, lots of milk and beautiful black fleece. She gave birth in April to a single huge black and white ewe, labored and birthed unassisted, and has wonderful mothering instincts. Rotationally grazed, sheared in May, up to date on dewormer and CDT. $350, available now.


Ewe Lamb

A single born in early June, she was the strongest of all our lambs, up and nursing within minutes of being born and growing rapidly ever since. Purebred but not registered. No shots or dewormer for this little one yet. Her parents are both grey: Her dam, our friendliest ewe, has strong worm resistance. Her sire has good conformation, a stocky build, and is extremely mild mannered. $200, available mid-August.



Our Story.

Greywether Farm is a small, 3 acre biointensive farm in Elmore, Vermont, co-operated by Meg Witherbee and Ed Case. 

In the summer of 2017, we bought an old homestead in the foothills of Elmore Mountain and enthusiastically picked up where the previous land dwellers had left off. We raise grass-fed Icelandic sheep for meat and fiber, chickens, and organically grown vegetables, fruits and berries. Celebrating biodiversity and the principles of permaculture, we strive to create a practice that honors our land and our community.







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Over 100 varieties of vegetable, flowers, and herbs.

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