A midwinter update…

 Hi everyone! It’s been a quiet winter of adjusting to life with a new little member of our household, but as the weather has begun to turn with March, we’ve been excited to start thinking about the upcoming season. Here’s a look at what’s on the 2019 docket:

PLANT STARTS: Little seedlings are beginning to poke out of the soil of the flats in our back sunroom- the most welcome sight in the world. We are planning on having a big plant sale over Memorial Day weekend, with lots of mature tomatoes vines, a variety of hot pepper plants, along with standard organic veggie seedlings and tons of FLOWERS!

LAMB: Well, it’s our first foray into animal breeding, but our three ladies of Greywether are looking rather plump around their midsections these days. I’m looking forward to the morning I go out in the early light to feed the sheep, only to discover some new occupants of the barn! We hope to have a few purebred Icelandic lambs for sale come late spring, and grassfed meat available sometime in late fall.

FERMENTS: I’ve missed out on vending at market’s the past couple summers due to moving and getting things up and running at the farm, but I’m planning on digging the Wildwood Culture sign out from under the pile of blueberry netting in the shed (I think that’s where it is…) and popping up at a few markets around the area this summer. I’ll post our schedule here once it get’s nailed down.

Hope everyone has been healthy and happy this winter. Check back for updates as the season gets going; I’ll do my best to keep things current!

-Meg, Ed, and Fell